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Decorative Concrete

Infinite CONCRETE DESIGNS takes pride in making concrete look and function the way our customer need it to. We enjoy coming up with ideas for our clients and really like to see the surprise when they see the many options that are available. Whether the project is as simple as providing a garage with a floor that resists oil spills, or a bar that needs to dramatically catch the eyes of its patrons, infinite CONCRETE DESIGNS can get the job done right.
Finishes and Treatments Offered:
  • Stained
  • Metallic Epoxy
  • Overlays
Take a look at some of our most recent decorative concrete projects below:
Concrete Coating — Gray Granite in, San Antonio, TX
Decorative Concrete — Warehouse with Newly Coat Floor in, San Antonio, TX
Infinite concrete Designs — House Chimney in, San Antonio, TX
This is one of the first interior stains we applied in a new home. This acid stain went really well with the interior stone around the fireplace and bar. Whether it is a rust color as this or any color you wish to use for your interior, we have the stains and sealers to make your floor last a lifetime.
Metallic Epoxy — Floor Decorative Epoxy in, San Antonio, TX
These ranchers needed a place to stay while they built their dream home. So they took their metal building on property and had us make the concrete a livable space. They also had their cattle brand hand carved into the floor. Once they get into their new home, they plan to make this the party barn.
Residential — Bar with Granite Floor Decoration in, San Antonio, TX
We just go the bar top of this wine bar finished and the mocha and copper colors look great. Our design will tie in the floor's copper vein with the bar top veins making the entire wine bar a piece of art. Now time to get the floor looking as good as the bar.
Commercial — House with Copper Veins Flooring in, San Antonio, TX
Now that the floor is done, you can see the copper veins running through the entire first floor. Now it's time to get the sides of the bar finished and the wine poured at this wine bar in Deadwood, SD.
Concrete Refinishes — Big Copper Veins Flooring in, San Antonio, TX
This metallic epoxy floor for a client in Deadwood, SD really grabs customers attention with a big copper vein running right though the floor and bar. With a glossy shine, the sunlight coming through the windows really lights up this wine bar for the coffee customers in the morning. Talk about adding some drama to a floor.
Concrete Refinishes — Big Copper Veins Flooring in, San Antonio, TX
Here is a plain old looking patio and front sidewalk getting our lifetime epoxy primer treatment. We install our overlayments with epoxy and sand as our primer, which creates an adhesion to the concrete that allows us to provide a lifetime warranty from peeling. Whether it is pool decks, patios, wood decks, or sidewalks; you can count on us to bring your concrete and landscape to life with a many concrete treatments
Concrete Refinishes — Big Copper Veins Flooring in, San Antonio, TX
This front patio and sidewalk got our knockdown overlayment treatment in a terra cotta color. The final product has a lifetime warranty from peeling and sealed for easy maintenance. The client don't have to worry about fading in the sunlight and love the matte finish to keep the sidewalk from glarring in the sunlight.
Concrete Refinishes — Big Copper Veins Flooring in, San Antonio, TX
Our hand made logos can really take your floor to the next level. Here, our client had each overhead door of the maintenance bays open to display their logos. Whether its clients or employees, everyone at this concrete pump trucking facility takes pride when they see the company's brand displayed directly on the floor.
Concrete Refinishes — Big Copper Veins Flooring in, San Antonio, TX
Here is our crew working on logos for our clients at a concrete pump maintenance facility. Our designers have the ability to take your logos and draw them onto the concrete. Or we can take your ideas and design you a logo to get your business branded. If your looking to make an impression on your potential clients, there is no better way than to have a logo in your epoxy floor.
Custom Hand Made Logos